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Sharing the Spiritual Wisdom of the ages for deeper,
more conscious perspectives on today's challenges.

Weekend programs on the East and West Coast throughout 2010.

The Vital Spiritual Knowledge for Today

With Dr. Jean Houston, one of the world's greatest living teachers.

You are living on the edge of evolution and you know critical decisions have to be solved at a higher level of thinking. You are both stunned and electrified by the changes now washing over your own life and the lives of people you know and love. These times bring out the best and worst of people and a whisper inside you reminds you that you have something important to offer, and that there's another way of addressing today's situations that evolves each of us as humans. You have never given up despite the whirlwinds of change. What a difficult and magnificent moment!

You have participated in the shifts with all the wisdom your training and background can offer and now instead of reaching for more information outside of you, you're ready to go to the infrastructure of creation, to the mysterious space of collective and traditional wisdom to discover what the mystics have known all along. You're ready to open up the teachings of some of the world's greatest thinkers and soul searchers. You're ready to live with all the courage and energy that it takes to make a profound, inspiring difference in the lives of your family, your friends and your world.

You're ready for Jean Houston's Mystery School where the sacred depths of knowing reveal new perspectives on not only what is being created, but why it is and how to expand your thinking to match the times.

A School to Honor and Engage Your Spiritual Power

Now in its 27th year, Jean Houston's Mystery School is a stimulating exploration of wisdom, creativity, mythology, science, history, and mystic communities, designed to bring age-old teachings together with the sacred potential of each student. The knowledge is coupled with practical skills that effectively apply the learning to personal needs and concerns. The Mystery School is a thought-provoking modern-day version of ancient schools of wisdom and deep training found in the great traditions throughout history

Each Mystery School is unique in its focus and experience. Participants dance the mysteries from various traditions, move forward to remember the future and challenged to rise beyond old stories, patterns and habitual ways of thinking. In a rich community of supportive participants, each person steps into more expansive ways of creating that impacts every part of his or her life.

Dr. Houston is joined by her working partner of 22-years, Peggy Rubin, a nationally-acclaimed Shakespearean actor whose theatric talents bring the old stories alive and whose deep heartfelt wisdom enriches the journey of each person. Music interweaves throughout the weekend and adds joyful exclamation marks to the many breakthroughs.

An Invitation

The 2010 Mystery School is specifically designed for the challenges facing you personally and collectively. Spiritual Life in Tumultuous Times gathers the experiences of teachers from wisdom traditions, science and the personal studies of Dr. Houston for an insightful look at the complex patterns that operate beneath the surface of any given situation. Participants bring their personal questions and issues to the Mystery School and learn how to apply the rich spiritual principles to his or her area of concern.

Spiritual Life in Tumultuous Times Mystery School is comprised of a series of residential weekends where strangers become family. You learn from the multi-traditional studies, develop skills to enrich service to the world and discover the true depths of personal and collective spiritual power.

This year, for the first time in the history of Mystery School, the weekends, which focus on different challenges now facing individuals, families and communities, may be taken as a year-long series of weekends or as individual weekends.

Imagine participating in deep discussions of lectures and teaching material drawn from the ancient mystery and mythological traditions, the "perennial philosophy," of human spiritual understanding, and Jean Houston's cutting-edge thinking about the latest discoveries in cosmology, quantum physics, and mind and brain research.

Each lecture is based on Dr. Houston's 40 years of research into human capacities of mind, body, and spirit. The teaching stories are accompanied by experiential processes that provide access to the source levels of your profound creative wisdom.

You enjoy integrative practices, including music, song, spoken words, psycho-physical exercises, imaginative writing and drawing, and incorporate new learning within the spiritual foundation of the body.

You study secrets drawn from the world's spiritual practices and open inner doors leading to direct knowledge of seen and unseen worlds - allies, archetypes and friends - all eager to assist you in navigating the tumultuous waters of these tumultuous times.

Imagine being part of a cutting-edge weekly gathering of passionate individuals committed to their own and humanity's evolution. Imagine journeying together to the emerging edges of human potential and learning how to realize that potential in yourself and make it manifest in the world.

What others are saying...

Mystery School is a place where we come to know ourselves as unbelievably magnificent sources of is a place to take risks in a very supportive's a place of genius and wizardry...a place of community, a great place to be! - TB, Toronto

Dr. Houston is brilliant, funny, and I loved her elevated perspective on the shift in consciousness that's needed for the human race. - MT, New Mexico

Jean Houston is one of the most dynamic presenters available on the planet. I have attended workshops with her in the past. She exceeds all expectations as far as organization, knowledge and responsiveness to questions. Her teaching style is extraordinary and every word she speaks is relative to my life. - JR, Los Angeles

Jean Houston was a joy to encounter. I found her stimulating and inspiring. She was well organized and delightfully free-form simultaneously. The content was relevant to me personally and professionally. --RJ, Santa Rosa

My God! What can one say after they say Jean Houston? She is the most inspiring presenter that I have heard in years. She made me weep and inspired me in all of the places that I am tired. - CB, San Francisco

Who am I to evaluate one of the most brilliant women alive in the world today? She was kind, funny, knowledgeable, extremely responsive, a great example of the future world citizen and the best kind of leader. - JR, New York

Spiritual Life in Tumultuous Times

Mystery School Curriculum

Three East Coast Weekends, Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York
Session One: February 19-21 Spiritual Power, Old Secrets and New Discoveries
Session Two: June 25-27 The Spiritual Infrastructure of Abundance
Session Three: August 27-29 Unlocking the Spiritual Soul of Relationships

(330) 834-9835

Special Session, "Ceremony as a Gateway to the Mystery"
March 26-28, 2010
Greenkill Conference Center, Greenkill, NY

(563) 855-2451

Five West Coast Weekends, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California
Session One: February 26-28 Spiritual Power, Old Secrets and New Discoveries
Session Two: May 21-23 Ceremony as a Gateway to the Mystery
Session Three: September 10-12 The Spiritual Infrastructure of Abundance
Session Four: October 8-10 Unlocking the Spiritual Soul of Relationships
Session Five: December 3-5 The Mystical Path of Purpose and Meaning

Participants may come to any one of the programs or attend the complete Mystery School series.
See Registration for more details.


Jean Houston website: (304) 920-0915

What You'll Learn

Spiritual Power: Old Secrets and New Discoveries

The challenges that face us in today's world make us question what difference one person can make. Explore what the oldest traditions teach about the nature and substance of enduring power, what science has discovered about the old and new forms of meditation and how best to access the untapped spiritual resources that reside within you.

  • Release the spiritual energy that can empower your deepest dreams
  • Understand the unique role of humanity as an extension of universal impulses
  • Find out the hidden truths only initiates in the oldest traditions understood
  • Learn how to harness a spiritual power that can impact every aspect of your life
  • Experience the critical shift in identity that optimizes positive change in your life
  • Practice a new method of affirmative prayer that engages your whole body.
  • Discover the methods for moving beyond time and space to heal the past
  • Explore the deep ecology of self and universe
  • Create your own rituals to address your own intentions and visions
Ceremony as a Gateway to the Mystery

One of the most poignant human hungers is the need for ceremony and ritual. In its elemental form, this need is located in the deepest, oldest part of our brains. Spiritual ceremonies, especially when personalized, open up new dimensions of the mind, spirit and heart and can create surprising, beneficial results. Learn the secrets of effective ceremony as practiced by the masters of many traditions. Rituals of meaning, depth and beauty are needed now individually and collectively as we seek new ways of contributing to our own welfare and the well being of all that we cherish.

For this session, you will:

  • Learn the hidden aspects of ceremony and how it can help you align with creative forces.
  • Discover how to utilize the seven powerful spiritual principles of ritual.
  • The latest mind/body/brain research about the need for ritual.
  • Experience a variety of rituals from celebratory to those impacting even past experiences.
  • Meet the Sacred Essence of ritual that strengthens and guides you.
  • Share the fascinating consistencies about ceremonies held all around the world
  • Use the genius and practice of ritual as a way to illumine life transitions
  • Discover what is on the other side of ritual as one agrees to new life, new capacity and new ways of being
  • Understand why ritual is essential to our humanity
The Spiritual Infrastructure of Abundance

For this session Dr. Houston teaches the high art of manifestation, combining the learning of a 40-year career in the study, development, and evolution of human capacities with principles gathered from the world's greatest teachers. The sacred psychology method for this session includes potent teaching stories and lessons from many times and cultures that address humankind's spiritual yearning. Enjoy the learning and then practice applying the principles to your own situations.

  • Learn how to nourish your inner skills of attracting abundance and well-being
  • Practice aligning with and attuning to the vast generosity of the universe.
  • Learn the five critical ways of connecting intent to results
  • Answer the one significant question that unlocks the doors to abundance
  • Develop personal strategies for identifying and achieving lasting abundance
  • Discover the new science behind attracting what you not only want, but need
Unlocking the Spiritual Soul of Relationships

Dr. Houston explodes the archaic concept of relationships and brings new insight to the expanded concepts of relationships. She reveals the treasures of untraditional learning and through dramatic theatrical performances, engages all participants in a field of experiencing relationship from the perspective of the seen and unseen. You'll learn the sacred psychology processes of marrying the inner Lover and the spiritual Beloved, opening up a new level of personal and spiritual union and joy.

  • Clarify the Soul of deep, meaningful relationships
  • Develop skills to address and honor difficult relationships.
  • Learn the relationship guidelines as taught by the ancient teachers.
  • Understand your "shadow" and the role it plays in relationship
  • Learn to identify which aspect in you is most influencing the outcome of a relationship
  • Develop positive new patterns for soul-based relationships
  • Learn the 5 practices for inner alignment with another person
  • Heal your own self-fulfilling prophecies of positive and negative expectations
  • Explore the great triad of spiritual relationships
The Mystical Path of Purpose and Meaning

With this final session of the 2010 Mystery School, we enter the deepest potency of spiritual training, not only for living fully the truth of who we really are, but also - and even more importantly - living with such rare and joyous aliveness that others are quickened into clarity and delight. Dr. Houston focuses and synthesizes all her spiritual training, study and experience into this culminating weekend of the School. You will learn:
  • How to activate the Inner Direction that illumines your life and spirit with a light that can never be extinguished.
  • How to renew and deepen your unique spiritual knowing and wisdom.
  • How to accelerate exciting, new creative capacities for understanding and acting on your higher purpose
  • The ability to ride the winds of change with flexibility, courage and exquisite grace.
  • How to identify the essential codes and archetypal patterns and guidance that impact your life
  • How to assist in stewardship for our world at this time.
  • Learn how to shock the future and evolve the imagination
  • Become a co-creator in a higher design.
  • Overcome cultural conditioning and low level expectations
  • Developing strategies that hold you to your higher purpose. Transcending sloth at all levels.
Special Mystery School Intensive
The Initiation of the Sage: Igniting the Power of Experience
July 11-18, 2010
Ashland, Oregon


Held in the majestic green mountains of glorious Southern Oregon, this weeklong residential intensive invites those entering the second half of their lives to a meaningful ceremony where their lives are honored, their abilities recognized, their spirit rekindled and their passage into the role of Sage, marked by a sacred initiation ceremony. The Initiation of the Sage has a two-fold purpose. Through deep processes and rituals, you learn to exchange old cultural misperceptions of aging and take on the mantle of Sage, a carrier of wisdom for our time. In a sea of candlelight you'll journey deep into the mystery of your own soul, and touch the Infinite Source of your life. You'll emerge with a vibrant focus on how best to optimize the many gifts and experiences that you have amassed over your lifetime and step into becoming a positive presence for good in the world.

The second part of the week trains you to bring these concepts and practices to your friends and organizations through your own seminars. "The Calling of the Sage" will enable you to share the empowerment, new roles and opportunities for meaningful service in the second half of life. This profound course is the first in a series of Passages Programs in which critical transitions in life are honored through training, ceremony and a deeper awareness of what it is to live as a sacred human.

Certification as a Calling of the Sage trainer is based on testing that evaluates your understanding of the concepts, sensitivity to facilitating ritual, ability to create and sustain a ceremonial consciousness and empathy towards those entering the program. Interspersed with the training will be trips to spiritual power places in the region and a night of celebration at the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The Mystery School Community of Wisdom Keepers

"The rich harvest of the Mystery School is not only in the learning of principles that inform Creation, it is in the sharing of discoveries, the encouragement of moving beyond limiting patterns, the glorious moment of breakthrough into new ways of being and doing. Then we know that we are in company of angels, calling each other into a consciousness and a Reality larger than our aspirations, richer than all our dreams."--Jean Houston

The Mystery School community is formed on the first day of the Mystery School. The talks of Dr. Houston open up realms of possibilities that enable the students to see the world, the activities of it, and their role in it, with brilliant new clarity. This is not an individual exercise where one ponders the implications. Instead, after a talk, ideas and insights are enthusiastically shared and whip around the room igniting each person with the irrepressible joy of discovery. You hear your thoughts echoed by another, concerns and hopes connected by a deep, abiding sense of purpose and individuals who were once strangers find their common thread as humans living on the edge of evolution. Friendships are forged through the many interactive processes where together the students touch the heart of the Divine.

The Mystery School is a breeding ground for friendships, rich, supportive and enduring. Together and in groups the school becomes a family of wisdom keepers who share their journeys in and out of classes. This connection to like-minded thinkers, who are not content with seeing the world through the narrow filter of news and mediated accounts of the future, is in itself, an immense value. The new perspectives that result from the ongoing collective collaborations are nurtured by blogs, community postings, phone calls and postings by Dr. Houston.

"This is the time when small ideas must succumb to great ones, where individuals join together with one heart to say, this is the moment we were created for, the years when what we do makes a difference that will echo throughout history and reach the ears of our children's children. We must be able to say, we were as wise as possible in participating in the creation of their future." ~Jean Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mystery School a religion?
No, quite the opposite. Instead of taking a dogmatic approach to teaching, the wisdom of the great world traditions are presented in relationship to help illuminate deeper ways of looking at the concerns of individuals, societies and global issues. The intent of Mystery School is to open students up to the most ancient and modern thinking as well as Dr. Houston's insights, but to encourage each individual to access the rich world of spirit and wisdom that resides within them. The foundation principle is that we are sacred beings living in a sacred universe.

May I take just one course, or must I take the entire series of Spiritual Life in Tumultuous Times?
We encourage attendees to sign up for the entire series because each weekend builds on the other. The home study programs prepare you for the next training and this carefully thought out curriculum spans the majority of concerns not only individuals but their family, friends and communities deal with today. The entire year's work prepares you to have valuable knowledge both for yourself and others.

With that in mind, some may prefer to attend a single weekend. Each weekend is a stand-alone training with a specific focus and is designed to give each student a depth of material and experiences on the subject of the weekend.

May I attend the Mystery School as a non-residential program?
Yes, if you live or have housing options in the vicinity of the Mystery Schools you may choose to attend as a non-residential participant. Please contact the office for more information (see below).

How do I get personal assistance with my questions?
Jean Houston's office is open from 9am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time every weekday. Any staff member will be very happy to help you with your specific question or registration. You may contact them at 541-488-1200, or by email.

About Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities is considered to be one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She has initiated national movements such as the Possible Society and advanced thinking in the connection of spirituality and contemporary life through her Mystery Schools. Both initiatives are dedicated to the transformation of individuals and societies through empowering creative, action-oriented compassionate individuals and encouraging projects and activities beneficial to individuals, communities and the earth. She is a charismatic speaker known for her wild originality and ability to mix profound ideas with stories, humor, music and enthusiastic audience participation.

She has lived a mythic life. The author of 26 books, she has worked in over one hundred countries, holding conferences and training seminars with government leaders, educational and business institutions and organizations. As a consultant to the United Nations she offers inspiration and practical training to people around the world, helping to produce new pioneers-"Social Artists", who work on the frontiers of the emerging local and global society while deepening their own cultural values and personal capacities. She encourages people to discover and develop their potentials while deepening their sense of purpose and taking their life and work to higher levels of expression.

She keynotes many international conferences, consults widely with governments and heads of state and works at grass roots level helping to actualize the United Nations Millennium Goals and the vision of the UN Earth Charter. Houston is active in the area of climate change and new ways of living in balance with the Earth.

Praise for Jean's work

"Jean Houston reminds us that we need a new mythology for our age. Without myths, a society becomes sterile and is bereft of meaning and soul. I recommend her highly to those who want to restore the magical and the miraculous in their lives." ~Deepak Chopra, Author, International Speaker

"I think that Houston has broken through to a new understanding of the sense and uses of the disciplines of inward turned contemplation." ~Joseph Campbell, author, "Man and His Myths"

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2010 Mystery School:

Spiritual Life in Tumultuous Times!

Weekend Mystery Schools:

East Coast Weekends at Garrison
Individual weekends: Just $599 per weekend
Complete series of 3 weekends: $1,647 ($549/weekend)

Includes lodging and nutritious meals with fresh baked breads.

Located on the Hudson River north of New York City, Garrison Institute is housed in a beautifully renovated 77,000 square foot facility on the estate of a former Capuchin monastery. The surrounding forests and fields provide an ideal setting for both beauty and quiet contemplation.

Three East Coast Weekends, Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York
Session One: February 19-21 Spiritual Power, Old Secrets and New Discoveries
Session Two: June 25-27 The Spiritual Infrastructure of Abundance
Session Three: August 27-29 Unlocking the Spiritual Soul of Relationships

Special Session Mystery School
Ceremony as a Gateway to the Mystery

March 26-28, 2010

Greenkill Retreat Center. In the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, the Greenkill Retreat Center offers 1,150 acres of pristine wilderness is a collection of beautiful lakes, streams, waterfalls, ridges, vistas and miles of hiking trails. Set between the historical villages, hamlets and towns of the Neversink and Delaware River, the lush green forest is home to deer, turkeys, foxes, many species of bird and aquatic life. At the center of this serenity lies the Greenkill Retreat Center.

Special Mystery School Session at Greenkill:
Ceremony as a Gateway to the Mystery

$455 Special Pricing for this session


West Coast Weekends at IONS

Individual weekends: Just $599 per weekend
Complete series of 5 weekends: $2,745 ($549/weekend)

Includes lodging and delicious California-style meals with an emphasis on fresh organic local foods.

The IONS Retreat Center is a beautiful collection of indoor and outdoor meeting spaces located on the IONS campus in Petaluma, California. Just 30 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Retreat Center is on 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills. It offers such gifts as pristine live oak woodlands, meandering hiking trails, and endless panoramic vistas of the California landscape.

Five West Coast Weekends, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California
Session One: February 26-28 Spiritual Power, Old Secrets and New Discoveries
Session Two: May 21-23 Ceremony as a Gateway to the Mystery
Session Three: September 10-12 The Spiritual Infrastructure of Abundance
Session Four: October 8-10 Unlocking the Spiritual Soul of Relationships
Session Five: December 3-5 The Mystical Path of Purpose and Meaning

Mystery School Training Intensive
Initiation of the Sage: Igniting the Power of Experience

July 11-16. 2010

Located at the beautiful Ashland Springs Hotel. An oasis of gentility and charm in the beautiful Rogue River Valley, Ashland Springs Hotel is the premier choice for lodging in Southern Oregon. A two-year restoration project transformed the former Mark Antony into a haven of taste and elegance reminiscent of Small European hotels. Ashland Springs Hotel combines the charm of a bed and breakfast, the friendliness of a small inn, the feel of a spa resort and the safety and convenience of a hotel.

Spectacular 8-Day Special Personal Development and Certification Program $2,995. Includes lodging and program meals in one of Oregon's most beautiful hotels.

$2,695 for those attending the full 2010 series of Mystery School Weekends

Mystery School Intensive: Initiation of the Sage, Igniting the Power of Experience


If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 541-488-1200, and we'll be glad to assist you.

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